SALUKA-N-LED is a dustproof and waterproof antiexplosive luminaire with LED units, suitable for facilities with a high risk of explosion (ZONE 22), such as engine rooms, refineries, gas stations etc.

It is suitable for temperatures between -20°C up to +60°C. From 905 lm up to 9215 lm.

Light fixture is certified by FTZUOstrava-Radvanice (FTZÚ 17 ATEX 0027X certificate).

Upon request:

  • Em: Non–maintained emergency lighting (1,5h, 3h)
  • MULTI: Maintained emergency lighting (1,5h, 3h)
  • 1/3 F: One or three phase through wiring connection
  • NANO: Light fixture protected by special nanolayer (hydrophobic, oleophobic or antibacterial protection)
  • NEREZ: Body from stainless steel metal sheet
  • 2.7K-6.5K: Colour temperature

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  • Ballast: Electronic ballast 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz, 220-240 V/Hz
  • Body: White painted metal sheet RAL 9003
  • Cover: Tempered safety glass
  • Reflector: White painted metal sheet RAL 9003
  • Fastening: Direct fastening on the ceiling or the wall lighted area, fastening on the ceiling by means of ceiling brackets
  • Connection: Screwless three-pole terminal block, max. diameter of wires 2,5mm2
  • Standard equipment: 1 pc sealing cable gland, 1 pc sealing plug, 2 pcs suspension bracket and 2 pcs rubber gasket
  • Calculated lifetime – LED modules: L80B10 ta40 – 70000 hours and L70B10 ta40 – 100000 hours


  • Refineries
  • Chemical Factories
  • Gas Stations
  • Engine Rooms


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