Street light fixture for outdoor use. It is ideal for squares, district roads, avenues, pedestrian zones, circumferentially of buildings etc.

Ideal mounting height is 5-10m either on an arm Ø 42cm or a pole.

For evacuation lamps: mercury, sodium of high pressure, halides metal, or a LED lamp for save energy.

Lamp Zone

System Zone

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  • Body made with die-cast aluminum alloy
  • Transparent, meta-acrylic injection cover is fixed to the body with stainless steel clips
  • Side mirrors made with glossy, anodized aluminum 99, 9%
  • Seal made with special baize between the main body and acrylic cover by ensuring waterproofing IP44
  • Arm slot of 42mm2 diameter
  • Electromagnetic ballasts of low wastage
  • Porcelain lamp holder E27 or E40
  • Capacitor where needed for Watt index correction
  • Electronic starter where needed


  • Squares
  • District roads
  • Pedestrian zones
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