EXTREME 770 +60°C

Thanks to their special construction, the diffuser covered fittings ensure a high grade of protection (IP65 or IP67) against dust, contamination and water permeation, even at extremely high ambient temperatures. In accordance with their IP grade, they can be widely used to illuminate spaces with a dusty and humid environment up to Ta +60 °C.

When used outdoors, the fittings should be protected against direct sunlight and adverse weather conditions.

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  • Housing and cover: : It is made of flame retardant glass-fiber reinforced polyester (upon request suitable for 850°C glow wire test as well), in light grey (RAL7035) colour. This material has very good temperature resistance and mechanical stability. It is a good electrical insulator, it resists to the impacts of several chemicals and the impacts of extreme weather conditions. Its stability of size and shape at changing temperatures is excellent.
  • The diffuser can be ordered in injection moulded polycarbonate (PC).
  • Main advantages: high mechanical strength and high heat resistance, as well as excellent transparency and UV-resistance.
  • The gasket between the diffuser and the housing is ensured by anti-aging silicone sealing.
  • Fixing the diffuser to the body: with stainless steel clips.
  • Gear tray (reflector): White powder coated steel sheet. On request glossy aluminium reflector is available.
  • Ways of installing: direct onto the wall or ceiling resp. suspended.
  • Electrical components: in accordance with low power factor (magnetic ballast).


  • Ship Marinas
  • Bridges
  • Cookshops
  • Industries


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