High performance BOLARDS with aesthetics and linear design with zero upward light pollution suitable for residential and public area lighting, parks, gardens and commercial complexes.

They are suitable for 70W, 150W High pressure Sodium lamps, 70W, 100W, 150W Metal halide lamps, 80W, 125W Mercury and energy saving lamps. They can be supplied in three heights 500mm, 1100mm and 1400mm.

Lamp Space

Electric Space

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  • Body: The inferior part of the body (tube) is made of extruded aluminium and all the other parts are made of die-cast Aluminium, Polyester coated in black or white colour.
  • Reflectors: the inside reflector is made of die-cast alu- minium and painted white colour.
  • Diffuser: the diffuser is made of clear U.V. resistant, self extinguishing V2 (UL94) and anti-vandal polycarbonate. A zinc coated plate is supplied to be fixed inside the concrete basement or screwed to it.
  • The body could be fixed via three stainless screws to the plate. This hard fixing system guarantees the resistance to wind or any outside pressures.
  • High temperature silicon insulated conductors are used throughout.
  • All external screws are stainless steel.


  • Squares
  • Outdoor Corridors
  • Gardens
  • Parks


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