Astra 2 is a street lighting with high resistance against mechanical stress and UV radiation. It’s indicated for places with high levels of salt and chemicals, due to its resistance to corrosion.

Ideal mounting height is 6-9m on an arm or a pole.

For evacuation lamps: high pressure sodium, metal halides, or LED lamps for energy saving.

Lamp area

Tools area

I am interested in the product
  • Body made of die-cast, aluminum allοy
  • Diffuser made of polycarbonate or toughened safety flat glass
  • Stainless steel clips
  • Ballast of low wastage
  • Porcelain lamp-holder E40
  • Connection clamp with micro-fuse for the protection of the circuitry
  • Electronic starter where needed
  • Insulation classes I or II
  • Waterproofing degree IP23 in the area of tools and IP65 in the area of the lamp
  • CUT-OFF radiation according to IES


  • Residential areas
  • District roads
  • Pedestrian Zones
  • Circumferentially of buildings
  • Perimeter Buildings
  • Harbours
  • Avenues


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