Shipping - Shipping Costs

Sending orders to our customer(s) fast and in excellent condition, is the top priority and some of the main values of VIKAP A. Stathopoulos & Co. OE.

The orders are delivered to the destination of the customer's choice and are always confirmed via email, but also via telephone through a company’s sales representative, in order to ensure the highest quality service and meet the needs of our customers. Aiming at the immediate service of our customers, our online store, provides the following shipping options:

  • Through our company's vehicles, for destinations within Attica and for orders over 100€.
  • Through the company’s partnering courier service provider ACS. Shipping costs are calculated according to the total weight of the products selected in the order as well as the destination area of shipment.
  • Through cooperating transport companies, for sending orders outside Attica or for orders including an increased volume of materials / products.
  • Collection from the company’s facilities, by appointment and free of charge.
  • Please consult the table below for more details and detailed charges.

    Shipping Charges Table

    Delivery by ACS Courier Delivery by VIKAP vehicles (only for orders >100€)
    Destination Flat charge rate for orders < 100€* Flat charge rate for orders > 100€* Delivery Time ** Charge Delivery Time **
    Within same town / region 5 € 10 € 1 day Free for orders > 100€ 1-3 days
    Land destinations 7 € 15 € 1-2 days - -
    Island destinations 8 € 20 € 1-3 days - -
    Inaccessible Areas 12 € 25 € 1-5 days - -

    * Shipping charges are indicative and may vary depending on the dimensions of the products. In any case, the customer(s) will always be informed after the completion of their order(s).

    ** Delivery time concerns working days from the date of departure from Athens and may vary depending on several conditions.

    For serving the needs of our customers in the best possible way but also to ensure the highest quality of service, orders will always be confirmed via telephone by a sales representative of our company. Customers will also be informed about the exact number of parcels that will be needed to send their order(s).

    The company of VIKAP A. Stathopoulos & Co. OE bears no responsibility for any delays in the delivery of ordered products that are not due to its fault or relate to cases of extreme conditions, such as severe weather, road network problems, strikes, etc. For each shipment through the courier company ACS, customers have the ability to monitor the progress of their order in real time, through the tracking system and the shipment number provided to them by the courier company.

    * If an order is placed after 12:00, the processing time starts the next working day.

    ** For special product orders / fixtures, the estimated delivery time may differ from the usual and depends on the availability of construction materials and the volume of the order.

    Unsend products / Order cancellation

    VIKAP A. Stathopoulos & Co. OE is not bound in any case to shipment of products of the order, which are offered through the online store and due to a typographical or computer error are presented at a different price from the actual price in the wholesale price list.