The Company

VICAP has been producing, trading and suggesting lighting solutions for professional spaces, such as schools, super markets, hotels, banks, commercial centres and offices since 1987.  It is headquartered in Ag. I. Rentis, in a proprietary space of 2000m2.

Our company has been responding to the challenges of the 21st century with respect towards the environment, constructing  new, LED technology products of a high energy class. By constantly training our staff, we promise the manufacture of products of modern technology, with the guarantee of quality, a long lifespan, economy and functionality. 

VICAP has been certified for its production conditions and its management with an ISO 9001:2015 certification.


We produce

luminaires for professional spaces, based on a common denominator;

High quality!

With reference to quality...

Our main goal is for VICAP to be a synonym for quality. We focus on a high quality output. Our partnerships with eponymous European houses can verify the great standards of all of our products.

Looking towards new technologies...

We always aim to use the newest technological applications, based on international protocols of energy saving. With the constant training of our personnel on technical know-how, we assure the manufacture of products of modern technology, great functionality and a long life span guarantee.

Focusing on the client...

Our work is always focused on the needs of each customer. Our products meet the requests of the most demanding clients; high quality, a long life span, excellent durability and exemplary function.

Respecting the environment...

We see about recycling our luminaires, lamps and accessories through the “FOTOKIKLOSI” program, certified by the Ministry of the Environment and Energy.


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Made-in-Greece profiles of anodised aluminum for a pleasant and aesthetic result, better function and products with a longer lifespan with LED tapes. 

They can be combined with a polycarbonate, a transparent or an opal cover. 




Special application luminaires

Special application luminaires

These are the luminaires exposed to environments with a high risk of destruction from explosions, chemicals, extreme temperatures and vandalism. They need to have special standards, based on the European example.

◎ Anti-explosive, Waterproof Luminaires

◎ Waterproof Luminaires of Extreme Temperatures

◎ Anti-vandal, Waterproof Luminaires


Custom-made Service

Our company offers custom-made services, based on the combination of your specific needs and our appropriate skills.


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Lighting based on LED technology is of significant help to reduce the number of energy...